The experiment

Oh hi there! It’s me again. Remember me? I’m Christel and I have a drinking problem. Sound like AA? Um no. I tried that. Didn’t work. Being an atheist, it’s a bit difficult  impossible to “give myself up” to some higher power, when I don’t believe in one.  And I can’t afford rehab with no medical insurance. Being a writer as well, this is my next best bet.

I have another blog over at Random Musings, mostly for my poetry, book reviews and random shit I feel like venting about.

For many of you that have known me for years, you’ve seen me try to do this sobriety thing before. With little to no success. So, if you don’t succeed, try, try again.

*bangs head into wall*

So begins the experiment. Well actually, it began yesterday, but I’m going to try to pop over here every day to update y’all on my status.

10 Responses to “The experiment”

  1. You’re awesome. You can do this. Call if you need me to talk you off a ledge.

  2. I would love you to know of our similarities. There are too many to mention here, but so far I have more in common with you than me. I know, that makes zero sense, yet it makes perfect sense to me so just trust that. I would love for you to contact me at I promise you will be glad you did.

  3. hey nice blog:) esp header…dont give up…this is the essence of life to try try try and then bang you head in the wall:P

  4. Hi thanks for letting me in, i happened to have just setup a new blog and
    we share abit in common I’m of course speaking of our choices in themes.
    They boldly set you up as their shinying example and i took the bait. Well
    I appreciate you letting me in and You have a very nice blog. I find it interesting that man even when he says he doesn’t believe in god still seems to say it while he’s reaching out for something. Is it ingrained or cultered. I try to take a different tack in life I don’t try! And i work very hard at it. Thank you, Jon come see my mystic mountian at

  5. Hi, I was sifting through possible WP themes for my blog and one of them linked me here as an example. I’m glad it did – much here I can relate to… 🙂

    I was wondering where you found the “tightrope” images in you header?

    • I actually found it via WordPress on Rachel Blackbirdsong’s post on her blog “What Cancer Brings”. She posts some awesome pictures that I “borrow” a lot.

  6. I just started my page up on here theres not alot of personal info. But Ive just went into recovery as an artist, 35, female, in oregon. I laughed at your comment about being an atheist and not wanting to get into AA, im with you there. I ran across an author named Bucky Sinister, that has lightened the mental overload a bit. Hes a Gen Xer, has a book called Get Up! 12 steps for misfits, freaks etc..pretty funny..
    Just sharing, keep sharing your stories and maybe well find one or the other around, during the wide awake late nights, or sunrising:)
    Good luck,

    • Yeah, I’m new to the blogworld & I, too, found you while scrolling for a second blog theme…you know, for those “special” days. When being a writer & fucked-up physically & emotionally just isn’t enough, this was perfect find! I’ll be checking for “Get Up” at Powell’s…yes, I’m safely back in Oregon after, in a fit of nostalgia, I returned to family & quickly remembered why I left in the first place..didn’t fit in with the pretense & they cannot abide anyone who just lives loud & without any b.s.

  7. Oh good god, FINALLY, someone who had the courage and ball’s to put their personal truth and struggles out there! I’m just now trying to start my own blog and this is so life-affirming. Thanks for your honesty and keep fighting for your sanity. I know I am!

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