Okay, so maybe not entirely sober…but still pissed…

The relationship from HELL has actually been decent as of late?!?

Or so I thought…

Apparently, there’s a three week window of actual employment (albeit contract work), and absolute nothing on the horizon, which warranty’s absolute idiocy from my other half.

I know, you’re all asking, “Why the FUCK is she still with this bloke?”

Apparently, I’m an idiot. Also a hopeless romantic.


Had an interview today. It was………………….whatever interviews are these days.

Honestly, I have no clue.

I’m just going to make it easy on myself, and assume I didn’t get the job.

Because I end up getting my hopes up. And after two years…..not really that optimistic these days.

Call it apathy…or simply a shitty economy.

Life, at this point, is random, intrusive and just plain shitty.

Yet, I try, keep plugging away at these mere grasps at sanity…

And I fail. Every time.

I have no clue why. Only that I don’t know how much more enthusiasm I can pretend to have.

I’m awesome. I know that. Duh.

It’s just……..I can’t fucking stand how much BS there is in life. I mean, COME ON!!!!!

And I should probably stop typing now…..

Slightly paranoid about potential jobs reading this…

I pray…

At least for an atheist…. 😛


~ by christel42 on June 2, 2012.

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  1. Man … Your words resonate with me !

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