Happy New Year!


No, I haven’t lost a couple of months. I’m talking ancient pagan religions here. But I figured if I made the title “Happy Samhain”, y’all would be confused. Let me explain…

Way before Jesus was even a twinkle in Mary’s eyes, there was religion. Gods and Goddesses ruled in duality. Life was more balanced, gender-speaking. Quite honestly, women were believed to hold more power than their male counter-parts.

Men were mostly toys, props if you will.

In fact, most of the “Hallmark” holidays that we as a society currently embrace, were stolen from the pagans during the reign of Constantine, when the Catholic church was attempting to remove women from religious authority and promote Christianity as the sole religion of the world. The Catholics simply used pagan holidays (there are 8: mostly centered around seasonal changes), and assumed them as their own. Christmas (Winter Solstice), Easter (Spring Solstice), Halloween (Samhain, also the Wiccan New Year), etc. I could go on forever, but you get the point.

Anywhosit…I have no desire to get in some sort of religious debate or rant, but I just wanted my readers to be aware.

There is so much history out there that has been disregarded and covered up for centuries.

So to you all, have a blessed Samhain, and go clean something. It’s tradition.

Also, leave a candle burning all night for luck in the coming year, and pay close attention to your dreams tonight. This is the night when the veil between death and life is most open, so make the way clear for loved ones who’ve gone before.

Perhaps they’ll make an appearance tonight…

Sweet dreams & Blessed Be.



~ by christel42 on October 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

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  2. A Blessed Samhain to you also! I knew exactly what you meant, and I love that you’ve put the information here. History is filled with such wonderful things, if we’d just open up to it. Wonderful post and I adore the image!

  3. I certainly knew about Easter but I did not know about the rest of these. Thank you kind sir!

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