Reading is sexy.

Seriously, folks.

To me, reading is an escape.

An escape from reality.

An escape from life.

If only for a moment.

If you know me, you know that I’m usually reading a minimum of three books at once, if not more.

Usually, the more comes in the form of an unpublished manuscript.

I beta read. I edit. I love it.

That’s why I love Goodreads.

Click the link. DO IT!

If you’re an avid reader like I am, Goodreads is a great tool. It helps track your reading, and keeps you in constant contact with other authors and/or readers.

Plus, I can link my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that when I change my Goodreads status, it automatically shows up on my other various sites. Oh the whoas of modern technology?!

This year, I set myself an annual goal to read no less than 50 books.

You’d think that’d be cake, right?

I mean, it’s roughly one book a week, and when you consider that they count novellas the same as actual full-length novels…

Easy, right?

Apparently, not so much.

I’d expected that I’d be done with my 50 books by July…

I’m at 26…

Of course, Goodreads doesn’t count all of the unpublished manuscripts I read for editing purposes, but still. My total seems a bit low.

For instance, I am currently reading four books:

The Paris Wife, Devil’s Peak, The Lust Garden, & Save My Soul.

Not to mention the second book in the Harper & Lyttle series, The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn (coming soon),which I’m beta reading (again), for my good friend Sharon Gerlach.

Heck, if Goodreads counted all the manuscripts I’ve read this year, then I would be at 50 already?!

Alas, I digress…

What I really want to know is, what are YOU reading?

Why do you read?

And (most importantly) am I insane?

😉 ADD much? Yep…

PS: Seriously Mom, you have GOT to get on Goodreads! It will keep track of all your books for you!

PSS: Check out my interview with N.L. Gervasio over on Random Musings! She just released her first novel, Nemesis, with Running Ink Press yesterday! 🙂

It’s awesome…TRUST


~ by christel42 on June 20, 2011.

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