Day #31: Thank you

Seriously, you guys!? You rock!

If you missed my post yesterday, you should go check it out, so I don’t sound like a complete moron……

Shuddup….I can hear you laughing….. 😉

I first heard about this through Carrie’s Facebook event, Fellow Humans In Need: WE CAN HELP!

Turns out, Cher and I are editing the same book?! Full circle, yo.

The online writing community is a close-knit group. Obviously. And I am so proud to report that as of this morning, $739.00 has been donated to help this family in need. Wow.

Just wow.

They need a minimum of $1000.00 by May 1st, in order to keep their home, and I think we are going to get there?! 🙂

I am still reeling from the out-pouring of support for this fellow writer and her husband.

Sometimes, I forget that there really are good people out there. I think in this internet age, we’ve all become a bit detatched from actual human contact, but this small occurance has restored my faith in humanity. Ten-fold.

Writers from everywhere came out to show their support with blog posts, Facebook shares, and Twitter retweets. And it’s easy to do. Just a few clicks of the mouse, if you’re really lazy. It is the weekend and all….

Seriously though, this shit actually brought tears to my eyes. I love you all.

No, I’m not drunk…. 😉 

And on that note, I now have some sappy, 80’s, Lionel Ritchie-esque song stuck in my head.

Happy Saturday, y’all!

It’s GORGEOUS here in the Pacific NW, so I’m going to get dressed and enjoy this beautiful day! 🙂


~ by christel42 on April 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day #31: Thank you”

  1. Sweet! I’m glad they’re going to get to stay in their home. It would be excellent if they could get another $739 by May 1st.

  2. I hope she registers with Wish Upon a Hero & that they can help, too.

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