Day #30: Come Together

It’s all about me……

But not really.

 Actually today, it’s about someone else, and helping your fellow-man and whatnot.

So go check out my friend Kait Nolan’s blog today.

I have also re-posted Kait’s post on Random Musings.

We’re having a Facebook rally to help @Wulfie_ and her husband before they lose their home at the end of the month. Cher (@Wulfie_) is a fellow writer/editor who’s fallen on some rough times lately. Haven’t we all?!/event.php?eid=193508944025716

I figure, if my broke-ass can donate $20, then so can you.

Yeah…..I’m looking at you!


These are real life people who need help, and they’ve been a part of my circle of friends of the writerly persuasion for years.

So today, I’m not talking about me.

Because honestly, my life is okay.

At least I still have a roof over my head?!

So go do something nice for your fellow-man.

Karma points, yo……

And just generally not being an asshole. 😉 (rule #1…..with that rule, you don’t need anymore)

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s almost a nice day here in the Pacific NW?! I think I’ll go take advantage of it!

You should too.


~ by christel42 on April 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day #30: Come Together”

  1. Thanks Christel for posting this! We’re at 29 donations for a total of $679! WOW!

  2. […] you missed my post yesterday, you should go check it out, so I don’t sound like a complete […]

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