Day #13: Halfway home

Ooh look! There it is?!

The light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m impressed with myself. 😛

I’ll apologize in advance, as this post will be short. I have about a billion things to do today. All very exciting and sexy of course. Starting with a trip to the bank, the DEQ, the Dollar Tree, and wherever else his mom wants to go today. Then I get to come home, clean my house, figure out what to cook, write some poetry, listen to this Evanescence album to decide if I actually want the whole album on my phone, or if I just like that Bring Me To Life song, write a book review, finish another book that I will be reviewing for the author, while trying to outline a review or at least jot some thoughts down. Oh and I have to go to the library. *breathe*

And at some point in there, I have to remember to eat.

I know. I know.

I could be working in some bullshit corporate office, banging my head against the cubicle wall, and wishing I actually had a window through which to chuck my computer/phone through.

Been there. Done that. No thank you.

So, no complaining.

I’m just still constantly surprised at how busy I can be, even with a “fake” job.

If I can only keep myself off of Twitter and Facebook while writing/reading…

Because seriously, does anyone really care that “Eucalyptus” popped into my brain at 2 A.M. and wouldn’t let go?

Probably not so much.


There’s inspiration in that somewhere. And I will find it.

And on that note, I’ve gotta go slap on my face, and run to the corner store. I need smokes, a giant bottle of Advil, and tampons.

Yeah…I totally just said that. Shuddup.

If I can make it through period without booze, I’m giving myself an award.

Preferably something involving chocolate. Or sex. Or sex and chocolate? 😉

As Pia Veleno would say, “Kisses and chocolate!”

Happy Tuesday, y’all! 🙂


~ by christel42 on April 5, 2011.

One Response to “Day #13: Halfway home”

  1. Oh hey there! It’s official. I love that Evanescence chick’s voice. Great set of pipes on her. And after 3 seconds of research, the “chick” is actually named Amy Lee. Very nice. This whole damn album is going on my phone?!

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